My Green-Eyed Monster Under the Bed

Everyone has a green-eyed monster, at least to some extent. There’s always someone that you loathe their very existence simply because they exist. It happens, it’s natural. The issue comes in when you let the monster get into your head and start tearing shit up. It always starts simple at first, doesn’t it? Maybe you want that girl’s shoes, or that guy’s girlfriend, or the publicity of that one coffee shop down the street that always seems to have more business than you. Small things, simple things. Then things escalate, and your jealousy begins to rear it’s ugly head and evolve into a three-headed she-devil that spits fire and venom in the form of backhanded compliments and snide remarks.
If you have self control, it usually stops there. If you’re like I am, you find that your jealousy starts to consume you, starts to control how you live your life. That’s when things get really bad. Your jealousy evolves into rage and hate for no particular reason. You won’t wear that outfit because the fat bitch you hate so much would look better in it. You decide not to play RockBand with your friends at the last minute because right before you pick the song, they say how good that whale whore is at singing that particular song. You skip out on huge social events and house parties just because you know she’s gonna waddle in the front door and ruin your whole night. Sometimes you even go as far as to try to eliminate her from your life completely by abandoning the mutual friends of yours and planning where to bury a body (just in case, you know?). 
Here’s where I would normally try to explain how to conquer your jealousy and turn the other cheek and to be a good person and blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can offer on the subject because I’m still currently a victim of the green beast (Oh, like you couldn’t tell), and any advice I would give would be hypocritical and fake. That’s not what I’m trying to do here. The only thing I have to offer on the subject is that it will destroy your life. Simple everyday tasks become a competition, you always have to be better, and it will put so much strain on you that it will start to drain you. Every bit of your energy will go into making someone else’s life a living hell while your own life starts to circle the drain. 
So I’ll leave this: If you spend all of your time wanting to be someone else, you won’t have time to find yourself.


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